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Diversity and Inclusion:

Inherent to our mission is a commitment to ensuring our coverage reflects the diversity of our communities and the people we serve. Our mission is to have a diverse team and to foster an inclusive workplace for all. Annually, as a company, our provides a snapshot of who we are and the steps we are taking that lead to progress.

75 Fountain St., Providence, RI 02902
Eryn Dion
Katie Landeck
Lynne Sullivan
Whitman Littlefield
Will Richmond


Alex Kuffner
Amy Russo
Antonia Noori Farzan
Jack Perry
Jonny Williams
Judith Webber Lonardo
Katherine Gregg
Kathleen Hill
Katie Mulvaney
Kurt Mayer
Mark Reynolds
Patrick Anderson
Paul Edward Parker
Tom Mooney
Wheeler Cowperthwaite


Bill Koch
Eric Rueb
Jacob Rousseau
Mark Castonguay


Mark Patinkin
Peter Donahue


Donna M. McGarry
Gail Ciampa


David DelPoio
Kris Craig