Tesla's newest product: Tesla Mezcal, a $450 spirit that has a delicate smoky musk

If you are consumed by all things Tesla, here's the newest offering from Elon Musk's electric car company: Tesla Mezcal. You can order your own from a limited number of $450 bottles.


Tesla is accelerating into spirits.

What began with an April Fools post in 2018 referring to "Teslaquilla" has matured into real-world merchandise, including , as reported by news site Teslarati, and last year, , reported by Business Insider.

The newest boozy brand offering: . Priced at $450, the limited-release spirit "is as delicate as it is spicy, with a deep citrus and green apple nose that gives way to soft herbal notes with a delicate smokiness that lingers on the tongue," according to .

The liquor comes in a hand-blown, lightning bolt-shaped 750-milliliter glass bottle designed by Javier Verdura, Tesla’s director of product design.

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What is mezcal?

and tequila have some similarities – but taste different, with mezcal usually smokier tasting than tequila. Both are made using the agave plant; the agave is baked and often shredded for tequila and, for mezcal, it's usually roasted and pressed.

Sammy Hagar launched an 80-proof blend of mezcal and tequila called Santo Mezquila in 2017. Soon after that, "Breaking Bad" co-stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul launched their  mezcal brand in 2019.

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What to know about Tesla Mezcal

Many Tesla fans will purchase the Tesla Mezcal as a collectible. But if you want to drink it, here's some details:

  • Origin: Made by , a well-respected distiller.
  • Ingredients: Alcohol is derived from the fermentation of Espadín and Bicuishe agaves and water. Bicuishe agave is a "less commonly used" type of agave used for mezcal, notes . Among flavors it can yield, notes , are "herbs and roasted vegetables, often with a prominent note of peanut."
  • ABV (alcohol by volume): 43%, a bit low compared to other mezcals.
  • Tasting Notes: "Floral, delicate and spicy with earthy aromas and hints of lime, green apple and spice followed by smoky notes," . "Finishes with soft tuberose, jasmine and chamomile. Mouthfeel is balanced, yet strong with light bitter notes at the end."

How to get Tesla's limited-release mezcal

You can order Tesla Mezcal . There's a limit of two bottles per order; only available for delivery in select states (). Orders will begin shipping in three to six weeks, the site says.

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