AccuWeather, other experts predicting heat wave next week. How hot will it get?


After struggling through the cold last winter, residents of the northeast can now look forward to something completely different —

"Air conditioners will have their work cut out for them this summer as meteorologists say it is looking like a hot season," in the northeast — and around the whole country, an release stated at the beginning of May.

Wednesday, forecasted that "a  will build into the region, promoting the hottest weather of the season thus far, aligning nearly perfectly with the official start of astronomical summer on June 20."

Other forecasts are saying similar things.

this week that, "This could become the first heat wave of the season for the Interstate 95 corridor."

The says to expect this summer to be "sultry" and "soggy" in New England and long-range forecast calls for it to likely be "above-normal" with a 40% to 50% chance of more precipitation than normal.

Here's what to know about the

What is AccuWeather saying about a possible heat wave?

stated in a release this week that the heat wave is expected to start Monday.

"Rising temperatures across much of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic next week will lead to a surge in electricity demand for cooling," stated.

“Get ready. This will likely be the first heat wave of the season for cities like Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.,” among other cities in the northeast like Boston and Providence, Chief On-Air Meteorologist Bernie Rayno stated this week.

How hot is it expected to be?

meteorologists are expecting widespread temperatures between the mid-80s into the mid-90s all over the northeast.

“From Monday through much of next week, home-grown high pressure will build over the region while the jet stream bulges northward,” stated Meteorologist Brandon Buckingham. “This one-two combination will set the stage for building heat and an uptick in humidity levels. For many, this will be the first heat wave of the year.”

A graphic by AccuWeather illustrating the current path of what could be the first heat wave of the season in the northeast.

Are there any areas that might stay cooler?

states that "light winds and coastal breezes may keep temperatures 10 to 20 degrees lower in major coastal cities like Boston...compared to areas several miles inland." 

What are some other factors of the coming heat wave?

"Aside from the possibility of a shower or gusty thunderstorm from a cold front late this week, areas that miss out on the rain could have a stretch where it does not rain at all for seven to 10 days or more," Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek stated in a release. "The dryness will help temperatures surge during the day, as the sun's energy won't be used up evaporating moisture from the ground."

also warned of a " across the nation this summer...New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., are all forecast to experience more days reaching 90 degrees or hotter this summer, compared to 2023."

Other things to know about the possible heat wave

From this June through August, predicts:

  • Temperatures will be 3 to 4 degrees higher than average in New England
  • Heavy rains in New England could relieve the heat in June and July, but noted that "drier weather could result in some of the hottest weather for the region in August"
  • Boston could see "three to four times as many 90-degree days this year compared to the five recorded in 2023"

What are the hottest summers to date?

The two hottest summers in the U.S. were in 2021 and in 1936, according to

La Niña is contributing to the 2024 weather pattern

meteorologist Anthony Artusa told USA Today the waning El Niño and developing La Niña are factors in the In addition to those, long-term trends of above-normal temperatures are factored into the forecast.